Luck is Relative

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.  There are so many Facebook posts from people saying what they are thankful for.

Top of my list are my cats.  I’m aware this does nothing to reduce my Crazy Cat Lady status, but I’m into embracing the truth at this point.  They have kept me company when I have been lonely, they have loved me unconditionally, they have never bitten or scratched in anger (seriously, neither of them!), They put up with my ‘love’ without (too many) complaints, they keep me warm when it’s cold, they make me laugh – especially Milo, with his complete lack of any real ‘cat’ skills.  He’s sitting purring on my lap right now.  Earlier he hunted a toilet roll.  He didn’t win.  Next time, I want to be Milo.  He’s so happy.  Dumb as shit, but the happiest animal I’ve ever met.

My IVF injections are well under way now.  Two in the morning, one in the evening.  The nurse asked me how they were going and I remember saying “Ok.  A bit sore but luckily I don’t bruise easily so I look normal.”  I thought about this.  ‘Luckily’.  In the IVF community I guess that’s lucky.  I could be stabbing myself with 3 needles a day AND be covered in bruises from it.  I know some of my friends are.

I remember a time in the not so distant past when ‘lucky’ would have been not being infertile at all.  “We were lucky, we got pregnant the first / second month of trying.”  Except we didn’t.  ‘Lucky’ became those people who got pregnant within the first year.  Then it became those who got pregnant with IUIs, or just medications.  Now I’m lucky the needles aren’t leaving bruises.  If our first IVF cycle is successful, that will be lucky.  I have online friends who were lucky like that.  I have others who weren’t.

Now in the grand scheme of things, I am lucky to both be born in, and live in countries where I am able to eat 3 meals a day.  Where I can have a roof over my head every night.  Where I (mostly) have access to healthcare.  Where I have clothes to wear.  Where (especially as a female) I had access to education…  There are so many things to be thankful for.

I just want one more.


One thought on “Luck is Relative

  1. Luck certainly is relative. I really hope you finally get the luck you deserve and the IVF works full time round.

    If we get to the IVF stage we will have to pay it all out of pocket. Insurance here covers IUI but not IVF. I am “lucky” that we will most likely be in a position to pay for one round of IVF if it comes to it. Next step for us is IUI though.


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